Lumen MIDI Mapping screenshot

Paracosm has announced that Lumen version 1.0 will be released on October 28th, 2016. In addition to many improvements and bug-fixes, this free update will be the first version of Lumen with official support for MIDI control. This feature makes every knob and button on the synthesizer section of Lumen remote-controllable by external controllers, MIDI sequencers, and DAWs.

Now that Lumen has reached version 1.0, it will remain at the early-access price of $99 over the weekend, and will return to the list price of $129 on October 31st.

Lumen MIDI Control in Action

Lumen MIDI Mapping screenshot

Lumen’s beta users have already been using the new feature to great effect. Framework Visuals just released the music video for Kan3da’s song Dancing Data, recorded in a single take using Lumen remote-controlled by Ableton Live:

MIDI control in Lumen can even be used to create audio-reactive visuals, as Robotkid shows in this quick demonstration video using Max for Live: