Beta Version

Want to try out new versions of Lumen before they’re released? Download the Lumen Beta to help us test upcoming features!

Important Read all the information on this page before installing.


macOS 10.9 or later

✓ Compatible with Lumen v1.0.5

Release Notes


  • Rewritten MIDI Remote Control system for improved performance


  • Actions taken through MIDI Remote Control can no longer be undone


  • Updated Syphon framework, which may fix rare issues with Syphon compatibility

Known Issues

  • Duplicate remote control mappings are not highlighted
  • Holding Command while dragging a knob will sometimes not save the knob's value to all snapshots
  • On macOS 10.9, MIDI mapping details cannot be edited
  • Patching cables can sometimes result in them being mis-colored in the UI
  • Switching MIDI input types when editing mappings does not preserve minimum and maximum range
  • If there is only one MIDI input available, it is not automatically selected

What’s a Beta?

A “Beta” version of software is a preview/testing version that is published before its official “Stable” release. Beta versions provide a preview of the latest features and help developers to gather feedback and information about bugs.

What should I know before using it?

Well, there are some risks to using a Beta version!

Since we’re still testing it, there could be bugs we haven’t found yet that might have unwanted effects (even bad ones like corrupting your patches or settings). For this reason, we strongly recommend backing up your Lumen patches and settings before installing or updating a Beta version.

Important If you need Lumen to be as reliable as possible, you should only use the Stable version.

How do I install it?

Lumen Beta is a separate application to download and install. If you already have Lumen, please don’t change it. Your existing Lumen license key will work for the Beta automatically.

Can I still use Lumen after installing Lumen Beta?

You can have both Lumen and Lumen Beta installed on your computer at the same time, and use whichever one you want.

However, sometimes certain versions of Lumen and Lumen Beta won’t be compatible. This could lead to patches or settings no longer working in Lumen after running Lumen Beta. If this happens, Lumen won’t work properly again until we officially update it to match the Beta version.

If we know that this is a possibility for a particular version, we will mention it next to the download button on this page and in the Lumen Beta Release Notes. We strongly recommend reviewing the current version’s Release Notes to decide if you want to install or update Lumen Beta.

Anything else I should know about?

Each Beta version comes with a list of “Known Issues,” which are bugs or compatibility problems that we are still working on. Known Issues are listed in the Release Notes for any Beta version.

What if I find a bug?

Oops, sorry! We do our best not to let that happen.

If you have a moment, we’d love to hear about what you found. Write us a message in the chat box at the bottom of the page or send an email to support (at) paracosm (dot) us. Any information you share with us will help us fix it!